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Refereed Articles

Resentment on the menu: Poets of the Peacock Dinner,” Commentary, TLS (January 16, 2014), 14 - 15 (3500 words)

A Box for Wilfrid Blunt,” PMLA, special issue On Poetry, 120, 1 (January, 2005), 163 - 180

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"Artifice and Self-Consciousness in Auden's The Sea and the Mirror," Contemporary Literature 16, 3 (Summer 1975), 353 - 377

"Auden and the Redeemed City: Three Allusions," Criticism XIII, 4 (Fall 1971), 340-350

Essays Solicited for Journals

Essay (Title TBA), solicited for special issue of Éire-Ireland on the Contemporary, forthcoming Spring 2017

The Avian Rising: Yeats, Muldoon, and Others,” solicited for the inaugural issue of the Journal of the International Yeats Society, Liverpool University Press / Clemson University Press, Fall 2016

The Irish Mammy at the Threshold of Rebellion,” History Ireland: The Impact of the Irish Rising, Eds. J. Culley, T. Graham, and N.C. Maxwell (2016): 52-56. Print.

Lady Gregory, Wilfrid Blunt, and London Table Talk,” Irish University Review, Lady Gregory Special Issue, 34, 1 (June 2004), 67 - 80

Secular Relics: Casement’s Boat, Casement’s Dish,” in Textual Practice (Summer 2002), 277 - 302

Oscar Wilde’s Speech from the Dock,” Textual Practice 15 (3), November 2001, 447 - 466

The Man who died for the Language: The Rev. Dr. O’Hickey and the `Essential Irish Controversy of 1909,” Eire-Ireland, 35, 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2000), 188 - 218

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"Liberating the Pseudoese: Auden and Isherwood in the 1930's," The Yale Review 79, 1 (May 1990), 136 - 46 [essay review]

Eliot: The Dead, the Living, and the End of Poetry,” The Yale Review 78 (Winter 1989), 265 - 278

Essays Solicited for Books

Misfortunes: Thief of a Christmas and Bailegangaire,” in The Theatre of Tom Murphy: Playwright Adventurer, ed. Nicholas Grene, forthcoming from Bloomsbury, 2017

Casement, New York, and the Easter Rising,” in Independent Spirits: America and the Easter Rising, eds. Miriam Nyhan and Marion Casey, forthcoming from UCD Press, 2016

"Uncomfortable Bodies in Women’s Accounts of 1916," in Irish Women, War, and Letters, 1880 -1922, ed. Tina O’Toole, Gillian McIntosh, and Muireann O’Cinnéide, forthcoming from Palgrave Macmillan, 2016

"Yeats and The Oxford Book of Modern Verse," in Yeats 150: William Butler Yeats 1865-1939, ed Declan Foley, forthcoming December 2015

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"Joyce, Heaney, and `that subject people stuff,'Joyce and His Contemporaries, ed. Diana Ben-Merre and Maureen Murphy (Greenwood Press, 1989), 131 - 139

Anthologized Essays & Excerpts

Yeats and the Lettered Page,” included in Yeats’s Poetry, Drama, and Prose: A Norton Critical Edition, ed. James Pethica (New York: Norton, 2000), 370 - 378

The Treason of the Clerks,” Chapter 4 of Saving Civilization: Yeats, Eliot, and Auden between the Wars, included in The Norton Poetry Workshop CD-ROM (1997)

"Derek Mahon: Questions and Answers" and "Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill: Questions and Answers" anthologized in Writing Irish: Selected Interviews with Irish Writers, ed J. M. Myers (Syracuse: Syracuse U P, 1999), 99 - 113 and 185 - 199

"The Poet in Wartime," excerpt from Saving Civilization, included in Critical Essays on W. H. Auden, ed. George W. Bahlke (G.K. Hall, 1991), 97 - 106

"Artifice and Self-Consciousness in Auden's The Sea and the Mirror" (originally published in Contemporary Literature, 1975) [anthologized in 1) Modern Critical Views: W. H. Auden, ed. Harold Bloom {Chelsea House, 1986}, 69 - 90; and 2) Major Literary Characters: Caliban, ed. Harold Bloom {Chelsea House, 1992}, 159 - 178]